Why you will not be claustrophobic in a floatation tank

In our conversations with people about floating, one of the most frequent comments we hear is, “Floating sounds great, but I’m afraid of feeling claustrophobic.” This is understandable because float tanks are unusual enough that most people have no accurate reference point, so they think of horribly confining things like MRI machines (I’ve been in one, and it is claustrophobic!) or coffins (I haven’t been in one–yet). The truth is float tanks are nothing like MRI machines or coffins, or anything else for that matter.

Most importantly, you have total control over your float and you are completely safe! You enter and exit the tank when you wish. You open and close the door yourself; it cannot be locked. You can choose to float with it open so you can see outside tank the entire time. You can float with it slightly ajar to let some light in. Or, after you get comfortable, you can close it all the way. It’s your choice; you are in control!

There is only 10 inches of water in the tank, so at anytime you can easily sit up and still have plenty of room over your head. People are often surprised at how much space there is inside a tank–just last night, a first time floater exclaimed “there’s a lot more room in there than I imagined!”. The tank is about 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, so there is room to move around and even stretch a little as stress spontaneously leaves you.

The float tank has plenty of fresh air and there are both passive and active air vents. The passive vent always operates, and for most people it is sufficient. For those who like cool air wafting around, a fan powered vent can be activated to continuously bring fresh air into the tank.

The floater is in total control of the tank and so claustrophobia has almost no chance of happening. And those who give floating a try are almost universally amazed at the sense of spaciousness and ease they experience in a floatation tank. Within just a few minutes, many floaters lose the sense of any confinement whatsoever and experience a peaceful sense of floating through boundless space.

Curious but a bit apprehensive? You can come by anytime and visit our tank Solitude, just to say hi. She’s very friendly!