What is a float tank really?

What is a float tank really?

What is a float tank? That’s frequent question we get when we tell people we have a flotation tank business.

A Float Tank is more of an environment than an object. During a float, all external distractions and stimuli, including the sense of gravity, are eliminated–even the sense of the tank itself slips away and you feel as if you are floating in infinite space. At The Float Space, we call it ‘a whole lotta nothin’! Who knew that ‘nothing’ could feel so good? For the floater, this ‘nothingness’ offers a profound sense of rest and space that is otherwise nearly impossible to find in our wired up, plugged in, non-stop culture.

During a float, both body and mind heave an enormous sigh of relief through the support of the warm salt solution and lack of visual and auditory stimulation. The petty details and dross of daily life fade effortlessly, so you can return to yourself to process what’s truly important to you without distraction. Stuck stress dissolves away, leaving you feeling restored and renewed.

The environment of a float tank is neutral; it has no agenda. And so floating presents the ultimate opportunity to choose without interference or input from others. You can choose to meditate, engage in creative thought, or focus on a problem. Or, you can simply let it be, and allow the warm environment of ‘nothing’ catalyze the ancient wisdom and deep healing capacity of your body to work unencumbered by any demands whatsoever.

The experience of floating is often so powerfully restorative and clarifying, that the sense of spaciousness and calm last for days afterward!

May the Float be with you!

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