The Floatation tank Solution!

The Floatation tank Solution!

The second most frequent question we hear from prospective floaters is about the water quality. In a well-maintained system, the floatation tank solution is far cleaner than any public pool or hot tub you’ve been in. Even better, a float tank has no chlorine or added chemicals to keep it clean.

High Salt Effect

In a float tank, 40% of the solution is salt. Pathogens don’t live in salt solutions greater than 10% salt so there is virtually no chance of harmful bacteria or organisms of any kind surviving in the solution.

3x Filtration

Also, we run our solution through a 10 micron filter to remove with UV light between each float that circulates the volume of the tank three times. We also skim the water between floats to keep it crystal clear.

Proper Chemistry

We monitor the pH of the tank, along with specific gravity and temperature to ensure ideal conditions for a successful float.

And to make sure the solution stays fresh, we add a small amount of H202 (concentration <30ppm) to the water on a weekly basis.