About The Float Space

Our Float Space

The Float Space is located in our home in the Nason’s Corner neighborhood so we do not disclose our address on the website. Of course, once you schedule an appointment, you will be know our address!
Our float tank sits in a specially built room complete with private bath/shower in our finished basement.  It’s a relaxed and peaceful environment that’s completely self-contained for your privacy.  We provide everything you need for a wonderful float: Clean towels, ear plugs (if you don’t like water in your ears), liquid soaps/shampoo (all natural)

Our Float Tank

Portland Maine-The-Float TankOur tank is an Escape Pod T-103. It’s a new third generation design made in Lincoln, Nebraska.
The tank is 4 feet wide, 4 feet tall and 8 feet long and so there’s plenty of space in the tank so it does not feel closed in or tight and there are both active and passive vents to circulate fresh air during your float.
There’s 10 inches of water heated to skin temperature, 93.5 degrees which allows many people feel as if they are floating in space–the exact opposite of feeling claustrophobic.
The water has 800 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salts dissolved in it.  It offers you perfect support for your entire body – the closest thing to a “zero gravity” experience that you can have without leaving the planet. Additionally epsom salt is made of magnesium sulfate which is absorbed through the skin. There are numerous health benefits to having proper amounts of magnesium and sulfates in your body.
Our tank also has a commercial grade filtration system that removes particulate matter while the water is sanitized with Ultraviolet light. The volume of water in the tank is filtered three times between each float.  We also add  hydrogen peroxide to keep the concentration at 30ppm so the water stays fresh and sanitary.

About Gary and Deana Gurney

Gary first heard of float tanks (aka Sensory Deprivation) when, as a high school senior, he saw the movie ‘Altered States’. Fast forward nearly thirty years and he had the pleasure to float at a friend’s place in Yarmouth, Maine and was completely taken with the experience.
By 2013, he decided to invest in a tank to help spread the simple beauty of floating.
Deana had her first float experience when the tank was installed in our house and right away become enamored of the deep quiet and rejuvenation that takes place during a float.
She immediately dubbed the tank, “Solitude” and makes time to float every week.